"I Hate Bedtime"

This is what a friend of mine posted on Facebook recently and it kind of breaks my heart. While I understand the exasperation that can bog it down, I love my kids' bedtime most nights. 

Want to love it too? Here's the secret: your child's bedtime is exactly what you make of it. And I make ours a tender, loving, compulsory, one-way trip to bed. 

Pjs. Stories. Teeth. Song. Bed.  Every. Single. Night.

My kids are never unsure about what comes next; they are in on the secret and we operate like a well-oiled machine, which - bonus - often gives us time for an extra snuggle or song. 

To summarize, an easy bedtime is:

Early - Between 6:00 and 8:00 PM
Consistent - Kids derive comfort from predictability
Sustainable - Takes no longer than 30 minutes
Non-negotiable - Beware the slippery slope
Enjoyable - for everyone involved




Sierra Dante