Do you know what happened last night at 7:49 PM?

The sun set.

I put my kids to bed and when I next looked out the window it was 8:12 PM and it was still light out and it hit me: we're just two months from the longest day of the year.

This means we've got about four months to revel in more daylight.

This means summer is coming. 

And this means it's time to reassess your child's window coverings because lighter nights can also mean lighter sleep even though your child still needs the same amount of sleep they got in the winter.

The next four months are gonna be bright and I want your child's sleep to be sound. 

Whether you block out early morning light by taping curtains to walls or tying scarves together to drape over the top of a curtain rod, making kids' rooms as dark as possible only benefits their sleep.

There are all kinds of blackout blinds and curtains on the market but if you'd like a quick, no-sew DIY solution check out this video.

Sierra Dante