How to get a good sleeper without sleep training


Q: Is there any way to get a good sleeper without sleep training or any crying?

A: Yes! But you'll need a newborn.

The fact is, if your child is familiar with falling asleep (as opposed to believing it's something that must be done for them) from the time they are quite young there won't be any need to make changes later on. And change is what causes the confusion and crying that's associated with sleep training. 

When a newborn is given the chance to occasionally fall asleep independently that baby learns that it's not only possible, but easy and enjoyable. 

As the weeks pass, try increasing the opportunities for baby to practice falling asleep and before you know it, you're likely to have a 2 or 3 month old who sleeps through the night of their own volition with little to no crying.

Already past the newborn days? There are supportive ways to improve your child's sleep that actually strengthen your bond. 

Sierra Dante