Have Yourself a Restful Little Christmas

December is a busy time for families but it doesn't have to be stressful. Here's how I manage to relax with three little kids in one small house (and still have fun too of course)!

1. Avoid over scheduling

There are so many fantastic things happening this month, just look at all the family events here in the Kootenays! But being selective with your holiday commitments will do your child a world of good and save you having to deal with too many meltdowns.

2. Know each child's stamina

If you know your child does well on two hours awake between naps then let that be your guide for timing sleep on the fly. Baby might have the occasional stroller or car nap while out and about, but if the timing's ideal you shouldn't have too many meltdowns and be able to get through to a normal bedtime.

3. Stick to early bedtimes... most of the time

If you know it's going to be a late, action-packed night for your family then make sure the nights before and after are more typical. I encourage you to pursue exceptions to the rule - there's magic in these moments - but to always come back to the rule.

Sierra Dante