What does good sleep do for my baby?

Q: My child is already happy and eager to learn. How will better sleep improve his quality of life?

A: While better sleep doesn't change children's personalities, it can help them be more tolerant and adaptable and less stressed during times of transition, less likely to get sick and quicker to heal from illness when it does happen.

Broken night time sleep may give children lots of short stints of light sleep but not a lot of deep sleep. (I hear parents say all the time that their child is an incredibly light sleeper and it's often due to the multiple night waking habit.)

But better sleep ensures they get the deep REM sleep they need to develop their brain function, build and repair muscles, retain memories, and boost their immune systems.

Deep sleep is vital to healthy, tolerant, and lighthearted kids, and it doesn't hurt their happiness either.

Sierra Dante