Unicorn Babies Explained

Everyone knows unicorns don't exist -- just like babies that sleep through the night... right?

Not if I can help it!

I've been turning babies into unicorns for years and have yet to meet a baby who couldn't become an excellent sleeper.

However, some parents of babies that don't sleep well call these supposedly mythical decent sleepers "unicorn babies" because they don't believe it's even possible.

Help me spread the word: unicorns are real.

There are four key components to having a baby that enjoys sleep:

1. Hone in on baby's ideal average awake time between naps so he or she is neither under nor overtired at sleep times

2. Allow baby to practice falling asleep independently often

3. Communicate the difference between night and day by being Boring Nighttime Mum/Dad from bedtime until morning

4. Be Exciting Daytime Mum/Dad during baby's waking hours with periods of undivided attention, snuggles, new experiences, and play. (This allows you to be guilt-free about having some adult time in the evening and allowing for a little time apart when baby is sleeping.)

Sierra Dante