Kids' Sleep Essentials: All You Really Need


Very few “things” are actually needed to grow healthy, happy families.

And the more families I get to know, the more I see how distilling our priorities and our possessions allows us parents to spend more time and resources on what we value most. This helps us share what we love with our kids and build deep, trusting relationships which, in turn, allow both parents and children to feel more fulfilled and less anxious and owed.

Yet, when we’re sleep-deprived, searching for any little thing that might possibly help us get just a bit more sleep, it’s easy to fall prey to marketing and every piece of advice overheard on the playground. So tired parents come to me feeling like they’ve tried everything and wondering that really works.

I’m often asked whether these things are essential for good sleep:

  • White noise/sound machine, sleep sheep

  • Baby massage

  • Night light, salt lamp

  • Essential oils and diffuser

  • Pacifier

  • Crib bumper pad

  • Wipes warmer

  • Baby monitor

  • Mobile

  • Fan

  • Extra bottle or snack

  • Mattress pad

  • Gro Clock

  • Lovey, stuffy, blanket, toy

  • Light projector

  • Exercise ball, glider, rocking chair

  • A bigger bed

  • A bigger house

It may surprise you, but all of the above are entirely optional and some can be counter-productive.

There are really only a few “things” needed for good, clean sleep:
1) A safe, age-appropriate bed
2) A sleep sack or seasonal pajamas
3) Thick curtains or black-out blinds
4) And a digital clock can help older children

These things, along with the real necessities of love and time, are a recipe for sweet and simple, long-lasting sleep.

A child that feels secure in the knowledge that he is safe and loved will find sleep more easily. A parent that sees patience and consistency as forms of love will also find bedtime easier.

And easy, enjoyable bedtimes, night times and nap times are what Sweet Sleep is all about. And it’s what I want for you. Are you ready?

Sierra Dante