My Favourite Parenting Phrase #1: "Oh Well"

Parenting can be ridiculously repetitive and if I've learned anything these past eight years, it's that if I don't have a few standbys in my pocket (rainy day activities, last minute meal ideas, disciplinary strategies, quick ways to effectively connect with each kid every day, et cetera) I'll end up parenting from a place of desperation and that's about as pretty as it is effective.

This is where this blog series comes in. I use these phrases multiple times a day with no end to their effectiveness. They not only communicate my belief in my kids to my kids but remind me of the parent I want to be just by uttering them.

If There's No Mistakes There's no Learning

I say "oh well" when a glass of milk is spilled, when a dish is broken, when someone forgot to take off their muddy boots, when there was a tsunami during bath time, when the toothpaste came out too quickly, when my kitchen helper stirred too vigorously, during potty training, and when the paint or tomato sauce or felt pen landed somewhere I'd rather it didn't. 

In other words, I say it a lot. It's my way of reminding myself that it's not an emergency. It's sometimes interchanged with "Whoopsy daisy" to keep the mood light and followed with "Let's clean it up" - emphasis on the "us".

Sierra Dante