The Problem with Sleep Training

Ask first-time parents if they will potty train their child and 100% will say, "Yes, when he's ready."

Ask these same parents if they will sleep train their child and the majority will say, "We'll see... maybe... if things get bad enough..." 

Why the hesitation?

Well, I've found that most parents don't actually have a problem with the training, they have a problem with the crying.

(And, for the record, second and third time parents often say, "Yes! Sign me up! I'm not putting myself or this child through any kind of sleep deprivation again!")


Good News

There is a way to get a good sleeper with little to no crying; I call it Sleep Training Prevention and it means gently introducing your child to sleeping well within the first 8 weeks of his life.

This is not any kind of sleep training, but rather sleep shaping and it encourages tonnes of cuddling, snuggling, bonding, feeding day and night, and holding your sleeping baby, but it also allows mom to occasionally set baby down for a nap and have a shower.

Bad News

Your baby might be older than 8 weeks.

If so, ask yourself whether his sleep is easy and enjoyable.

After all, your child's behaviour is his way of communicating whether you should keep doing sleep the same way or whether he's ready to do it differently. 

This "doing it differently" is sleep training! I prefer to call is sleep re-learning to remove the militaristic angle that "training" denotes. But it comes down to making positive changes with your child's sleep (and often yours too).

Now, there's no right way to make these changes, the key is to find some strategies you can get behind, make a plan, and see it through.

But what parent has the time, energy, patience, or head space to do the research, brainstorming, and planning all on their own?

The Really Good News

My job is to remove the guesswork, give you a custom plan, and answer all your questions so you can all begin getting the rest you need in just two weeks and keep getting the rest you need for years to come.

You won't regret it.

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Sierra Dante