I help healthy families with a sleep deficiency reclaim their "Vitamin Sleep".

I first determine an individual family's needs, preferences, and goals. These elements then inform my recommendations as I pull from the wide spectrum of evidence-based sleep improvement methods and healthy parenting approaches.

I strive for my recommendations to be as supportive as they are effective to help families get sleep sorted efficiently to limit the overall confusion for the child.

I offer strategies that can easily become part of everyday life, allowing for greater flexibility and confidence by eliminating parental uncertainty and guilt while deepening trust in their instincts.

As a parent myself, I'm ever mindful to foster the integral parent-child bond and often hear from parents that they feel more connected with their child after working with me, especially once their relationship is no longer clouded by exhaustion.

Sweet Sleep Provides:

Sleep education about how sleep works and children's sleep needs

Explanations for why a your child may be currently struggling

Strategies and solutions to encourage the changes you'd like to see while supporting the parent-child relationship

A clear plan custom-made for individual families outlining a gentle and effective path to better sleep

One-on-one support to ensure families reach their individual sleep goals in a timely manner

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