Dreaming of sleep?

Feel like you’ve tried everything? Can’t handle the crying?

You’re in the right place, Mama.

Imagine if in just a couple weeks your child had:

  • sweet and simple bedtimes

  • longer stretches of night time sleep

  • restful, predictable nap times

  • more confidence and adaptability

  • an improved sense of connection and security

Simultaneously, you get:

  • time for yourself and your partner in the evenings

  • uninterrupted nighttime sleep

  • time to get things done during naps

  • more confidence in your parenting instincts

  • clarity around what to do and when to do it

  • an improved connection with your child

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Kids can sleep!

(And babies too - in fact, they’re meant to.)

But sleep is not just a skill. It’s a necessity.

When children sleep they produce growth hormones, memories are retained, muscles are built and repaired, immune systems are bolstered, and their capacity for learning increases.

I’ve worked with hundreds of families, all with their idiosyncrasies and challenges, and I’ve never met a child whose sleep couldn’t be improved.

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Supported sleep learning is my jam

If sleep is not currently easy and enjoyable for your child, if she is fighting sleep or waking often, this behaviour is her way of communicating that she is ready for change.

There are 101 ways to change your child’s sleep and I offer a range of responsive methods that take into account your child’s brain development and sleep needs. I am not a proponent of “cry it out” nor do I provide bed-sharing solutions. My methods fall between these two ends of the spectrum, under what I call, supported sleep learning.

Regardless of you’re previous parenting practices, I do not offer judgement, only a way forward to clarity, connection, and rest.

I want to give you:

The facts about how sleep works and children's sleep needs

Explanations for why your child is currently struggling

Strategies and solutions to encourage the changes you'd like to see while supporting your child’s attachment and development

A clear plan for your individual family outlining a gentle and effective path to better sleep

One-on-one support to ensure you reach your goals


Sleep Shaping for Newborns

For expectant parents

and babies under 8 weeks

You know you want to be proactive with your new baby’s sleep, but how and when to start? Learn exactly how to naturally and gently shape your newborn’s habits.

“As parents we've gained a new-found sense of confidence and feel better-informed with respect to how to read our baby's behaviours and respond accordingly. We also feel he has increased self-confidence and trust. The only thing that we would have done differently is work with Sierra sooner.” Megan Lake

Private Sleep Learning Programs

for babies over 3 months

and Children under 10 years

A private sleep learning program gives you proven, gentle steps and the one-on-one guidance and support to achieve your ideal sleep situation.

“Sleep learning WORKS! We accomplished everything we wanted to. It's simply astounding to see the transformation right before my eyes.” Tiffany Adams


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