Sleep Training Prevention

For expectant parents or babies under 8 weeks

You know you want to be proactive with your new baby’s sleep, but where and when to start? In this program you’ll learn exactly how to naturally and gently shape your newborn’s habits and avoid the need to ever "sleep train".

“As parents we've gained a new-found sense of confidence and feel better-informed with respect to how to read our baby's behaviours and respond accordingly. We also feel he has increased self-confidence and trust. The only thing that we would have done differently is work with Sierra sooner.” Megan Lake

Sleep Learning Programs

For babies and children 3 months - 10 years

Your child is happy but you’re not. You’ve tried everything to improve sleep and you’re still not getting enough, but more importantly, neither is your child. With a sleep learning program we will create the sleep situation you want for your family with a comprehensive, custom plan and the support to make it happen and maintain it for years to come.

“Sleep learning WORKS! We accomplished everything we wanted to. It's simply astounding to see the transformation right before my eyes.” Tiffany Adams

Talks and Workshops

If you organise a parents’ group, prenatal or postnatal classes, or have a few mom friends who want to learn about the value of good sleep and how to help kids get the rest they need - I want to talk to you!

“I’m so happy I talked to you! I feel like I’ve got a plan and sleep isn’t so much of horrible mystery!” Tess Noren

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