Sleep Shaping for Newborns


For expectant parents and babies under 8 weeks | $250

Sleep as nature intended! With a little knowledge and a few key strategies, parents can help their newborns understand that sleep is something they’re born to learn much like how to feed and how to love.

This kind of sleep shaping helps families avoid months and years of sleepless nights and ideally, the need to ever do any kind of "sleep training".

SLEEP shaping for newborns INCLUDES:

Private Consultation
We'll discuss strategies to nudge your child in the direction of better sleep gradually over the weeks to come. We will troubleshoot problems, and address bedtime, nap time, night wakings, and all of your questions.

One Follow-Up Phone Call
We'll schedule a follow-up call within 4 weeks of our consultation or once baby is born to address any new questions or concerns.


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