Workshops and Speaking Engagements


If you organise a parent group, playgroup, prenatal or postnatal classes, or have a few friends who want to learn about how to help your kids get the rest they need - let’s get together - in person or virtually - and bring “sleep like a baby” back into common use!

I believe sleep is as important to our well-being as love and nutrition but much less talked about. I aim to change this.

My talks often focus on:

  • baby and child sleep needs

  • how sleep works

  • safe and healthy sleep

  • strengthening parent-child relationships

  • establishing and improving sleep

I also enjoy tailoring the discussion to fit the needs of a group or event and I'm happy to conduct workshops online or in person.

Please contact me to inquire about my availability.

“I’m so happy I heard Sierra speak. I feel like I’ve got a plan and sleep isn’t so much of a horrible mystery!” Tess Noren


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